Why Choose Bennington Marine Company?

Bennington Marine Company was established by Indiana men, Richard (Dick) Strefling, Steve Vogel and Patrick Call as a privately-owned business in 1997.  However, the name came from another company at the time that manufactured wood products and was already called Bennington.  The founders loved this name so much and believed it represented true quality, and so it was applied to their new found marine business

Bennington Pontoon Boats from Triangle Marine Center

There are a number of reasons to choose Bennington as your go to pontoon manufacturer apart from the fact that many of the designs are inspired by customers themselves!  The top reasons include Performance, Construction and the 10-Year + Life Warranty.


First and foremost, Bennington designs with a shallow draft which helps when navigating in shallow waters by riding higher on the water.  With optimal solid keels, Bennington isn’t limited to fresh water lakes and can handle the salty ocean.  With performance foils, top speed, improved acceleration and stability, these make for excellent benefits.  Lastly, powered by an electric pump that ‘does the work for you’, drivers are left with incredible handling and turning with little effort.


Bennington exceeds industry standards with trend setting design and cutting edge stability.  Every design and engineering is meticulously hand built and tended to with the highest quality of care and attention to detail.  Using THRU-BOLT™ technology on each and every hull, Bennington ensures far less flex, providing a stable ride for years of boating, pleasure, and safety.

10-Year + Life Warranty

A 10- year bow and stern warranty on top of a lifetime structural warranty leaves customers the assurance and protection they deserve.  Additionally, Bennington promises a partnership without dealers, no pro-rating, no hand-offs to suppliers, a transferable warranty, and lifetime deck warranty.  Anything you need, Bennington has you covered.

Triangle Marine Center believes in the highest quality of products and impressive customer service which is why they offer Bennington vessels to suit your needs! Contact us today at 352-343-6146.

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