Why Boating Can Make You a Happier Person

The summer is approaching, which means it’s time for the whole country to get back out on the water and enjoy some stress-free boating. There can be many benefits when it comes to keeping your sanity, especially with our busy lives. It’s time to go have fun!

Father and Daughter spending time on their boat togetherSpend time with someone

Spending time out on the water with your friends and family is something that you may not be able to do as much when living your daily life on the land. We can sink deep into our work lives and not have time for friends, or even some family members.  Leaving shore can give us the opportunity to unwind with people and share memories and connections with the ones we love.

Fishing with someone can be another bonding moment, especially with your children or best friends. You can make a deeper connection with someone and spend hours getting to know them.  It teaches us to craft a technique and be patient.  When you and another are out on a boat with the same goal in mind, to catch a fish, your encouragement of one another will be stronger than ever.

It’s a stress reliever

It doesn’t really matter if you intend to go fishing at sunrise, or just to relax on a boat in the beautiful sunset because they’ll both make you happy.  Let’s keep in mind that you are away from the shore, which means you are distancing yourself from the land where you work and where all your stresses live.  The water can be therapeutic in many ways because there’s a separation from all the man-made materials that cause our heads to explode, and the further away from the shore you float, the less stress you have.

The water is the reason

The water is the reason for ultimately making you happy.  Boating is the instrument you use when you want to play the water, and for this reason, we flock to a body of water when we need a break. There is a reason why we vacation to beaches and islands around the world.

There is a concept called “Blue Mind,” which was a book written by Wallace J. Nichols that explains the concept of how being near water can make you healthier and happier. Water will make us happier, and boating will keep us happy.


Make this next boating season a memorable one because it will help with your health and happiness when stress can be a problem in our lives.  For all your boating needs, whether it’s searching for a new boat, or getting the best accessories, contact Triangle Marine Center at 352-343-6146.



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