What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Boat?

Owning a boat comes with great responsibility. You have to keep up with maintenance and cleaning, or else your wallet may take a beating if you don’t. Triangle Marine Center provides regular boat maintenance for Central Florida boaters.

cleaning boat on a regular basis

When You Don’t Wash

When you choose not to wash and clean your boat after every trip out on the water, you’re setting yourself up for major boating issues in the future. Salt-water can cause major damage to boats if you’re not cleaning regularly. Your boat will start to show signs of rust if you leave your taking your boat out for a couple of months.

Taking care of your boat on a regular basis will be rewarding when you don’t have a rusty boat from the salt-water you didn’t wash off every day. If you leave the salt, chalking and pitting will occur from the crystals from the salt. They will scratch and cause abrasions to your boat. Especially if the boat is new, the salt from the ocean will destroy it quickly if you’re not maintaining it every day.

What to Do?

Before cleaning, make sure to cover up all the electrical equipment and spray that area with caution. You should be doing this after every trip out on the water in order for your boat to stay clean. Wiping down your boat with boat cleaning supplies is recommended for a clean and fresh-looking boat. Using a pressurized sprayer will remove the salt, as long as you rinse thoroughly. You will want to scrub down the interior and exterior with your boat cleaning supplies

Triangle Marine Center

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