We Need to Get out Boating

It’s May…and many of us around the country have been in quarantine almost two months in some places. The weather is starting to heat up down here in Central Florida. What better way to spend outside than to go boating? For those of us making we’re sure to get outside while practicing social distancing and isolation, taking your boat can be a major benefit.

At Triangle Marine Center, we believe that boating is a major part of Floridians’ way of life. We understand that times have been tough with the COVID-19 Pandemic impacting the world. Whether working remotely or at your regular place of work, you still need some place to escape the mess of life. Florida residents and even visitors realize that boating is one of best ways in Florida to enjoy a weekend with family.

Boating in Florida

Marine Supply Centers Open

For Triangle Marine Center, we’re still serving our customers during this time. We want all boaters to be able to get out on their boat when the weather is nice. This is why we are making sure every boater comes to us can get what they need done for their boat.

It’s important to get your boat maintenance check before taking it out on the boat. We have factory certified and trained mechanics to help make sure your boat is ready for the water.

We are also an authorized dealer for Bennington Pontoon Boats. If you want to get the most out of boating with your family, a pontoon boat would be the perfect fit. Creating a raft-like boat, you’ll be able make sure you and your family we have the pace to relax out on the water.

We Encourage Every to Stay Safe Out on the Waters

No matter what problem is going on in their world, practicing boat safety is important. Even when we’re getting outside to enjoy the weather and obeying social distancing, our boating practices should stay the same.

We encourage all boaters to make sure they get out and spend time on the water while staying safe. For any of your boating needs, contact Triangle Marine Center at 352-343-6146 today!



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