Waterskiing Or Tubing With Your Boat? – Use The Right Rope!

For those of you out there preparing for the summer months, waxing your boats and hitching them to your cars, or scheduling and appointment with the marina to put the boat in the water, it’s time to talk about summer watersports and watersports safety.

Enjoying a day out on the water with your friends and family might be the best day of the summer, especially if you’re doing some tubing, waterskiing, knee-boarding, or anything similar. But it’s very important to stay safe.

The first step you can take to keep everyone safe is to make sure that your boat is in top working order. Motors that unexpectedly cut out while the family is tubing behind the boat can be problematic.

The next thing you should do is to check that you have the right equipment. Make sure any holes in the tube are patched, and, most importantly, make sure that you have the right type of rope for your water-sporting adventures.

It may seem like a small thing—can’t we use any old rope?

The fact is, there are certain standards that a waterskiing or tubing rope must meet. They should be sturdy, polyethylene ropes, built around a strong aluminum core that’s not prone to snapping or stretching. Plus, the handle should be molded rubber for a comfortable grip. And, the standard length, usually 75 feet, is another important specification.

Water sports are a fun time for the whole family, but make sure you have the right tools so that the fun lasts all day. You wouldn’t want a non-regulated rope to snap and injure someone while you were out enjoying a day on the water!

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