Turn Your Pontoon Boat Fun Up To 11!

When we hit the water on our pontoon boats, were looking to have a good time. It’s hard to have a good time though without some music.

You may have a radio on it, but that might not cut it for you.

So if you find yourself in this situation, then it’s time to upgrade your pontoon’s sound system.

Pump Up The Fun

The first thing you want in your sound system is capability. That’s where a sound system like the M303 Clarion Receiver excels.

Not only does it offer the radio, but it is able to play CDs as well as your iPod and any MP3s that may be on there.

And if you have trouble with the AV cord the system has for your iPod, it has blue tooth capability, which will allow you to hook it up that way.

Now most systems do come with speakers, but what if what you get isn’t enough. You want to make sure everyone on the boat can hear and enjoy the music right?

So with the system, you can also purchase additional speakers to turn up the fun and spread the music evenly throughout your pontoon. In addition to sound systems, Clarion also makes high-quality speakers that would be perfect for this scenario.

Triangle Marine Center is an authorized dealer of Bennington pontoon boats and boating accessories.

Our experienced staff will work with you help you find the perfect boat or boat accessory to make sure you have fun next time you hit the water.

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