Tips for Practicing Proper Boating Etiquette

If you’ve just gotten proper licensing and certification to steer a boat, you’re probably pretty eager to set sail. But remember, you’re sharing the open waters with other enthusiastic boaters, some more experienced than you.

Stay ahead of the game by practicing these boating etiquette tips that will guarantee a safe and happy trip for all involved.

Heed Your Speed

Being the captain of your own ship (or, boat) is an exhilarating feeling, but there are still rules even the most skilled captains have to abide by. When you’re on the water, always gauge your speed. When you come into contact with another boat, ease up, especially when you’re heading into a territory where dropping an anchor is permissible. Zipping through a mooring area causes disruptions that could potentially rock other boats back and forth, putting you and the other party in danger.

Be a Neighborly Mariner

A marina is a place where people who share the same passion for boating are parked side by side, so in essence, it’s a community of aquatics, and you need to do your part. It’s always considered proper etiquette to help out a fellow mariner with their lines if you are parked nearby. Also be sure to regularly clean the area around your slip. Store mops, buckets, and tackle in their designated areas, not on the dock where people could easily trip on them. Your neighbors will thank you.

Be Courteous While Underway

When you’re underway, or actually boating on the water in mariner terms, be courteous of slow passing vessels. Give them enough room to dock, because if you don’t, the waters will rock, disrupting nearby mariners who could be enjoying a meal or a nap. And when you’re approaching a mooring area, slow down before dropping your anchor to show the same courtesy.

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