The Benefits of a Road King Boat Trailer

Owning a boat is great if you’re an avid boater. Having the right trailer for your boat is even better! The Road King Boat Trailer might be the best fit for your pontoon boat. Road King builds a wide range of high-quality boat trailers for all different types of boats. They have been in the business for over 25 years providing durable long-lasting boat trailers.

Here are the benefits of Road King:

Road King Boat Trailers

The road king boat trailers come with heavy duty light brackets, tie downs and guide poles, wiring thru grommets, safety cables that don’t drag, “DOT” brake lines, brake line shield, and heavy-duty winch stands with the brace.

Check out all the road king boat features!

Road King also sells parts to the public, so if you’re in the need of trailer parts to your road king boat trailer, Triangle Marine Center can sell you these exclusive products because of our authorized dealer association with Road King. These parts are only sold exclusively through the dealer network.

Triangle Marine Center is an authorized dealer of road king boat trailers. We are proud to offer their boat trailers because of the years of experience and quality of product. If you’re a boat owner, it’s important to have the best equipment for your boat, and a boat trailer is one of the most important items.

Get your new trailer or parts for the upcoming season of boating. Don’t wait until last minute to fix or update your trailer because you will be rushing to get out on the water!

Triangle Marine Center

At Triangle Marine Center, we have been serving Lake County and the surrounding Central Florida area since 1973. We have been providing local residents with the finest quality boats, accessories, and services. For all your boating needs, please contact Triangle Marine Center at 352-343-6146 today!

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