The Age You Should Start Taking Your Child Fishing

Fishing is a wonderful bonding experience between parent and child.

Fishing has a way of calming the senses, evoking happiness and allowing a parent to truly enjoy the company of their child, and to hopefully reel in some fish!

Fishing is an outdoor adventure for everyone, from young to old.

However, for a child to enjoy and engage in fishing, they should be of a certain age. Fishing does require a bit of patience.

While it is completely fun, there is a bit of downtime when waiting for a fish to bite.

This waiting is not always understood or accepted by a very young child.

Equipment that is used during fishing, the pole, hooks and lures for bait can be dangerous when not handled properly. For a child to grasp the notion that something is unsafe, the age of 3 is appropriate to get the youngster started on fishing.

At the age of three, many children are used to rules and have a very good grasp on patience and how to respond to various situations. Plus, at the age of three, every new experience is exciting and an adventure.

By three, your child will have a pretty good idea of what fishing is by either hearing, seeing, or speaking about it. Just from your excitement alone about taking them, fishing will be enough to get them geared up for it!

Even though you are hoping to catch a fish, take the time on this very special occasion to acknowledge just what you’re doing, which is spending a wonderful day making memories with your little one.

To go fishing with your child, it will help to have a boat you can trust.

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