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How to Safely Swim from a Boat

How to Safely Swim from a Boat

You’re out in the ocean, anchored in a tranquil patch of blue, and everyone’s jumping in to cool down. Who wouldn’t want to take a dive in?

Before you dive into open water from a boat, it’s incredibly important that you know how to swim safely and responsibly.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to practice safe swimming.

Don’t Swim Without a Life Jacket

No matter how peaceful the water seems, you never know when the current could pick up come. That’s why, regardless of how far out you are anchoring, you’ll want to wear a life jacket. That’s the first accessory any boat owner should buy.

Don’t Swim in Bad Weather

Sometimes you’re out boating and the weather changes quickly for the worse. Once storm clouds start appearing on the horizon, don’t jump in the water because it is incredibly dangerous during the storm. Instead, head back to the marina and wait for the weather to pass. Don’t worry; you’ll get your chance.

Don’t Swim in the Marina

As a business that specializes in boat sales, this one is, perhaps, most important to listen to. Engines and electrical charges in the water from the boats parked at marinas can be extremely dangerous to swimmers. In addition, boat operators may not see you in the water when they’re taking off. So, be careful: take your boat a safe distance away from the marina before you dive in.

At Triangle Marine Center, we know that summer is here, and the first thing we all want to do is jump in the water and embrace that sunshine. But we want to make sure you’re doing it the right way with safety and security in mind.