Six Tips To Tow Like A Pro

If your family frequently enjoys watersports, you probably spend most of your days on the water pulling riders. It’s a big responsibility and sometimes experienced drivers become too complacent which will lead to mistakes and unfortunately, carelessness.

Here are tips to help you improve your towing and drive more cautiously, like a professional.

Communicate with the rider before you begin towing them so they feel comfortable from the beginning. Get an understanding of the speed they would like and how experienced they are. This will prevent the rider from falling off or other dangers.

Be ready before you pull away from the dock. Like driving a car, adjust your mirrors and seat to fit you, and put other items in their place. You don’t want to worry about it while you’re driving and towing.

In some states it is mandatory to drive in circles when you are pulling a rider. However, if you live in a state where this isn’t mandatory, don’t do it; it’s better to ride in a line. When you drive in a circle, the wake from your boat goes in every direction and no one sharing the water with you can have a smooth ride.

It is also required in several states to use a rider down flag. If this is required where you live, make sure that there is another passenger who is paying attention and who knows how to use it. If your rider does go down, be sure to slow down, turn the music down and discuss what happened with the rider and make sure you were doing what they asked. Maybe it was too fast for them or they need to re-adjust.

Despite years of experience, there is always room for improvement and caution reminders. Pulling a rider should be done with caution and responsibility. Need new watersport accessories? Contact Triangle Marine Center today.

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