Should I Buy a New or Used Boat?

Buying a boat is a big decision to make, and you have so many things to consider when you’re a first-time buyer.  If you already love going out on your friends’ or neighbors’ boats, then buying a boat is more appealing to you. You never want to just jump into a decision, so you’re going to have to do some research and listen to boaters’ advice.

Inside photo of a new boatBuying New:

There is no history to uncover when buying a new boat. It’s never been used at all, so you will be the first one to fire it up. Buying new comes at a hire expense than a used boat, but it can be a long-term investment that will provide you with some amazing summer memories with your friends and family. The technology is the latest and greatest, so you know you will be working with the best equipment.

Buying Used:

A Pre-owned boat costs less to buy and less per year to own. Most likely all the issues with the boat have already been looked at and fixed, if the previous owner is looking to sell the boat. Make sure to check with the owner about previous issues if there were any.

Think of it like buying a car

Buying a boat is very similar to buying a car, but keep in mind that a boat isn’t a necessity, it’s a leisure vehicle. The buying process is the same because you’re taking into account the up-front cost, as well as the long-term cost. Boats that have been used for several years may have less life left than a used boat with only a few years on it, but we already know this because you may have shopped for cars the same way.

Another thing to keep in mind is future maintenance. If you’re mechanically inclined with boats, then your future expenses if you choose to buy a used boat may be less. If you buy a new boat, you’ll have to consider the new technology that you may not be familiar with. But this also may be a good thing because problems with the boat may not happen if taken care of properly.

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