Safe Boating Tips This Summer

Boating is a great summer activity, but it also can be dangerous if you’re not cautious. You can still have a blast while staying safe on a boat, and we want you to make sure you know these tips on how to stay safe while boating this summer.

Safe boating tips for summerLife Jackets and Float Devices – It is important for children to wear life jackets, as well as everyone water sport riders, whether that’s jet skiing, tubing, water skiing, etc.

Designate a Sober Driver – It’s very easy to get caught up drinking out on the water in the boat. It’s hot out, and you’re thirsty for a cold one. But let’s not take this lightly because drinking while driving applies to boating as well. Stay safe and make sure that someone is staying sober to drive.

Follow the Rules – Follow the marina rules and drive a safe speed while out in the water. Make sure to look out for other boaters, as well as swimmers or floaters. Be always on the lookout. Stay at a decent distance from other boats just in case.

Weather Watch – Check the local weather even minutes before you launch. The weather can change drastically in the matter of minutes, and you never want to be out in the water caught in a storm. It can be very dangerous to the riders and the boat.

Make it Known – Whether you’re alone or with other riders, make sure to alert someone on shore where you’ll be. This could be a family member at home or even someone at the marina. Leave your name, address, phone number, and names of other riders. This is just to stay on the safe side in case anything goes wrong.

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