Preparing Your Boat for Hurricane Season

As hurricanes start to get worse each year, damage to homes and other property can be devastating to us. In Central Florida, hurricanes can still be dangerous because of the strong winds the arise entering the coast. Once a hurricane touches down on land, it tends to get weaker, but for extremely powerful ones, damage can still be catastrophic. We want everyone who owns a boat to know these simple tips to protect your boat from any major damage.

boat preperation for hurrican season in central FloridaSecuring Your Boat

The best way, if you’re keeping your boat docked in the water, to prepare for hurricane season is to secure it. By this, you should be using extra to help keep it safe during strong winds. Use double or triple lines to secure it to the slip, while using chafe protectors where the lines rub against the dock or boat, so they don’t break.

On land, it is best to take it to a higher secure location to keep it safe from the storm surge. A garage is your best bet if it can fit. Since smaller boats are lighter weight, they can easily be damaged by tipping over from the wind. It’s smart to keep it in a safe place.

On the Boat

It is vital to make sure that everything on the boat that can be thrown off by the winds of the hurricane is removed when you’re securing the boat. From locking up windows, removing chairs, removable fuel tanks, sails, antennas, etc.

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