Pontoon Boat vs Deck Boat

If you’re looking to invest in a new boat, and you can’t decide between a pontoon boat or a deck boat, we’d like to help you figure that out. We offer Bennington Pontoon Boats and Tidewater Boats, so we can help you decide which is better for your needs.

jumping off boat into water on deck boatPontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are great boats for the people who want to relax on a boat, or even throw a small party with friends and family. The pontoon is a spacious boat that can fit up to 16 people for the large models. Pontoon boats are generally less-expensive than a deck boat, but for the luxurious models of pontoon boats, the price tends to get closer in similarity, so it all depends on the space needed for you. A pontoon boat has a flat deck, which is very useful for boat parties and such. Pontoon boats are more fuel-efficient overall, but it requires more fuel to get up to a higher speed quickly.

Deck Boats

Deck boats also being spacious, but less than pontoon boats. They can usually fit up to 12 people, which is still a good amount for a boat hangout. Most deck boats have seating that faces forward, which is nice when you’re cruising on the open waters. Deck boats are usually known to be more expensive than a pontoon boat, but now they’re getting closer in price with the luxury pontoon models. Deck boats use v-halls, which allow them to accelerate more quickly.

Both Pontoon and Deck boats are good for water activities like water skiing or tubing but giving the edge to the Deck boat with the faster acceleration.

Fishing will most likely be better on a pontoon boat considering the stable flat platform and the seating that can go any way you’d like it to. The additional room on a larger pontoon will give you an advantage for catching those big ones for dinner.

Triangle Marine Center

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