Party on the Pontoon

Pontoon Boats are the obvious choice to get the party started out on the water.  With a spacious deck to mingle and dance, your guests won’t feel as cramped out on the water.  If you’re looking for a relaxing time out on the water, or you’re looking to get that party going, these ideas may help you start the boat party.

Young adults jumping off pontoon boatThe Basics

Every great party has a theme, and every successful party invites the right mix of people.  There are many occasions to throw a party – 4th of July being the most obvious – but planning this party takes time and patience.  First time around, be sure to nail down the basics, and get accustomed to having more people aboard.  Ensure there is enough safety equipment for everyone, and don’t overcrowd the boat.  Once these important pointers are established, then it is time to dive into the fun stuff.

Sink or Drink

Is a party without preferred beverages even a party?  Stock those coolers full of fizzies and mixers for the party but remember to not over-indulge.  Safety is your number one priority when out on the water, and to ensure your guests have a great time means maintaining control over yourself and the boat.  While drinks are out of the question for you, food is a free for all.  As for your own contributions, prepare in advance and store properly in coolers where they will be secure and out of the way.

Party Accessories

Entertain guests with surround sound stereos to set the mood and liven up the atmosphere.  Provide a pop-up private changing area to give your guests a chance to change out of wet suits and dry off in peace.  For the kiddos, don’t forget the inflatables and water slides!  Keep the party going after the sun sets with LED lighting!  These will make sailing a breeze in the dark.

Sounds fun right?  There are a million ways to enjoy your Pontoon boat, but parties are easily a favorite.  So what are you waiting for?  Get your party on and head for the Pontoon by contacting Triangle Marine Center at 352-343-6146!


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