Not Sure You Want To Buy A Pontoon Boat? Here’s Why You Should!

Are you on the fence about buying a pontoon boat?

There are several reasons why they are your best option for boat types. The prices are reasonable, there is plenty of room for family and friends to stretch out and not feel on top of each other.

While they are generally the same size, they are easy to customize to fit your boating needs like fishing or just cruising. You won’t find a better boat.

Pontoon boats can fit more people that most boats, anywhere from 6-17 people. You can customize the accessories for your boat, adding bench seating, a camper enclosure to spend the night on the boat or a canopy to offer some shade on those hot, sunny days. If you enjoy fishing, pontoons can come equipped with live wells, rod holders, and bait buckets. The options for your boat are endless.

Pontoons are lightweight which allows better movement and speed when you’re on the water. The decks can be made of wood, aluminum or fiberglass. There is a railing around the deck that is great for those fun nights on the lake with your friends. Plus, the motor is below, so you won’t have to shout at each other to have a conversation.

It also has a large amount of storage space.

If you are interested in purchasing a pontoon boat, please take a look at our Bennington selection. Here at Triangle Marine Center, we consider ourselves pontoon boat specialists and we offer several different options to fit what you’re looking for whether it’s luxury, family cruising or fishing. Bennington pontoon boats are available in different models with a variety of amenities and performance options. Contact us or stop in and take a look in person.

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