Must Have Accessories for Your Boat

Boating is a great summer activity, but it’s always good to know what accessories you must have on board for when you go out into the open waters. There are some things you have to keep on your boat at all times, and there are some things that you should consider leaving on your boat when you go out.

boating accessories needed on boatWhat is Required?

The things that are required to keep on your boat:

  • Safety Gear
  • Legal Documentation
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Anchor and Rode
  • Basic Tools (multi tool)
  • Full Fuel Tank
  • Extra Food/Water
  • Additional Safety gear

Other Recommendations

Other recommended items to have on your boat at all times are flotations including life jackets, throw cushions, and flotation safety gear. Boat towing memberships are recommended if you’re on the water and need a tow. It’s better to have some towing membership because it can be expensive if not.

Some basic things you may not think of can come in handy when you’re out on the water and may have a problem. Things such as: flares, air horns, trash bags, knife, duct tape, goggles, zip ties, flashlight, spare clothes, tool kit, towels, sunscreen, bug repellent, dry box, and GPS.

  • Fire Extinguisher – If you don’t already have one on your boat, you should pick up a marine fire extinguisher because there could be a situation when you’re out on the water and something catches fire. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You may even be out on the boat and another boater may have a fire on their boat and can’t access an extinguisher.
  • Paddle – It’s smart to keep a paddle on board. If you’re engine stops, you’ll want to have something to help you float to the shore.

Another thing to consider is keeping a solar panel on your boat. Why? Because batteries can go flat and die when not used. A renewable energy source such as a solar panel will prevent this from happening. It will keep the battery from dying.

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