Know Your Tow: Five Tips for Towing Your Boat

If you are new to towing, then you may feel overwhelmed with the idea of dragging that huge boat behind your vehicle, but fear not: the process is simpler than it seems. Heed these five easy steps and you’ll have no problem towing your boat with confidence.

Do a Light Check

Some of the most important things to know about towing take place before you even begin driving. The first step is to check the lights on your vehicle and the trailer. You may be taking a lot of turns on tight corners and making slow stops, so you want to be sure that you have an accurate warning system for other drivers or pedestrians – not to mention that it’s the law! As a rule, remember to check your blinker, brake and tail lights before every tow.

Check the Weather

The next step you should take before even leaving the driveway is to check the local weather report with an eye on the current or developing wind speeds. In heavy, driving winds, it can be difficult to control a regular car let alone a truck with a huge boat in tow. If you are not a driver who can quickly adjust and control your vehicle when the weather gets rough, then consider holding off until things clear up. Plus, if storms are in the forecast, it’s probably going to meant rough water and choppy seas, so it’s probably not a great day for boating, anyway.

Understand Your Vehicle’s Controls

Whether you are new to towing or an infrequent tower, you may forget that driving your vehicle with a boat attached is much different than driving a car by itself. Remember that due to the extra weight, it will take longer for you to accelerate and decelerate. These differences can be well-learned with practice, but as you get started with towing, leave yourself plenty of room to slow, stop or accelerate when merging into traffic.

Check Your Connections

The last thing you would ever want is for your boat trailer to disconnect from your vehicle while you are cruising down the highway. To avoid this, make it a habit to check your safety chains and ensure that your pin is secured in the hitch. Connect your chains as soon as you hitch up and move on with your lighting and other checks, then make double checking the connections your final look before getting in the cab.

Keep Up on Your Seasonal Inspections

To ensure that your trailer is always ready to safely haul your boat, be sure to complete your annual inspections and make any necessary repairs. During these inspections, look for signs of wear and tear, clean out your wiring connections, give your brake system a once over and take care of any corrosion. offers a full list of things to check on your trailer, but if you feel that you may have missed something or uncover an issue, call the service professionals at Triangle Marine Center for repairs.

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