Four Most Common Outboard Motor Problems

Outboard MotorsIf you love your outboard as much as we love ours, then you always want it running at its best. As with all things mechanical, though, there are always issues that can arise. You are not alone. For every issue that exists, there is a solution to the problem. To aid in your boating ease, here are the four most common outboard motor problems and what you can do about them.

Your Engine Cranks, but Doesn’t Catch

If you find that your engine simply won’t catch, regardless of its ability to crank, then there is a good chance that your emergency cut-off switch is faulty. This is a common issue, particularly when the switch on your boat is mounted in a spot where saltwater can get to it and cause corrosion and damage.

To check if this is the issue, you can disable the kill switch by opening the switch panel and disconnecting it – it should be the black wire with the yellow stripe. If you try the key again, there will be a good chance that the motor will catch, and a sure sign that your emergency cut-off should be replaced.

Engine Stalls at Idle Speed in Neutral

There are times where you will notice that your engine starts fine and even runs great in neutral, but as soon as you come back to idle speed in neutral, your engine shuts down. If this is your issue, the chances are that you have a broken or sticky automatic idle speed (AIS) valve.

Your best option here is to replace the valve entirely. At Triangle Marine Center, we have many of the common replacement parts in stock, and if we don’t have it, we can get it ordered for you quickly.

Engine Keeps Overheating

It is the nature of your motor to have water flowing through it to keep it cool. When this ceases to occur, your engine will inevitably overheat. If you find that you are dealing with overheating, the best option is to turn off the engine and check for any signs of blockage and remove the problem. It could be blocked by any number of items from weeds to foreign objects that have been thrown into the water. You can also check your water pump impeller to see if this part may be broken and the source of the overheating issue.

Propeller Doesn’t Turn Properly

If you find that your boat is using too much fuel or that it seems to over-rev and the boat still moves slowly, there is a substantial chance that you may have an improperly turning propeller. Most often this occurs because of a broken shear pin or debris that’s not allowing it to spin correctly.

If debris is the problem, turn the engine off and remove any objects stuck around the propeller and shaft. If the shear pin is the culprit, then replace it with a new one. Once the issue is fixed, you will be stunned at how much better your outboard performs.

Of course, not every issue is as common and simple as this, and at Triangle Marine Center, we have all the parts you need to make the repairs for your vessel. Not sure the issue? Let our marine service center take a look and get your boat running at peak performance once again. Make sure your boat is running right with Triangle Marine Center. To find out if we have a part in stock or to make a service appointment, call us today at 352-343-6146.

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