Finding The Right Trailer For Your Boat

In a market where there are hundreds of the same product with little differences, and knowing these differences will not only save you time but they will also save you headaches. Most of all it will save you money.

For all of the newcomers, and even some of the more experienced boat owners, knowing the right trailer for your boat is up most important when it comes to transporting your boat from A to B.

At Triangle Marine Center, we are an authorized dealer for the finest quality boat trailers manufactured, like the high-quality trailer made by Road King. Road King builds a wide range of quality trailers – all designed and built with uncompromising attention to detail.

Not only has Road King been a leading builder of marine trailers for over twenty-five years but they are considered one of the finest made trailers in the marine industry, and their trailers are backed with the best warranty.

Road King offers two types of frames for their trailers; one made from aluminum and the other being a galvanized trailer. Both of these amazing trailers offer heavy duty light brackets, tie-downs and guide poles, wiring thru grommets, safety cables that won’t drag, “DOT” brake lines, brake line shield heavy duty winch stands with brace.

We offer cat powerboat trailers, pontoon boat trailers, Jon boat trailers, sailboat trailers, and skiff. Our watercraft trailers come in aluminum and galvanized finishes.

Find more information about these trailers and other products from Triangle Marine Center or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us today!

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