Educating Children on Boating

We know that one of the best ways to spend a Saturday is out on the water with the whole family.

If you have young kids that are hitting the open waters with you, there are some important lessons they should learn before they start helping out.

Below are some tips on how you can help educate your children about boating, which will ensure their safety while you’re on the water so the whole family can focus on fun!

Educate on Life Vests

Children might get upset about wearing life vests, especially as they get older, but that is one boating safety precaution that is a nonnegotiable. Parents should make wearing a life vest a requirement for children if they want to get on the boat. If you have a child who is particularly resistant to the idea of wearing a life vest, have them pick out a vest in their favorite cartoon character or favorite color so they look forward to wearing it.

Three Contact Points

Simply standing on the boat won’t keep you inside of the boat if an unexpected wave or patch of roughness occurs: remember to teach your children to always have three points of contact at all times: two feet and at least one hand. In the event that the boat does hit an unexpected bump, the hand will help them remain steady.

Best Boating Practices

As you drive, especially within a bay, teach your children what the markers mean. It’ll keep them engaged, and it is a simple way to educate them on different boating practices. Explaining to your children why you do certain things, such as slowing down in no-wake areas or passing oncoming boats on the right, will help teach them boating courtesy and help them if they eventually plan to get a boating license.

Propeller Safety

If you often stop for a swim, you should be making sure the key is out of the ignition and the propeller is tilted out of the water. Regardless, teach your children that they should avoid the back of the boat where the propeller sits when swimming. It can be sharp and dangerous, even if the boat is off. Remind them frequently when you’re swimming or tubing that they have to be extra careful when around the boat.

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