Cool Boating Accessories for Your Pontoon

So, you have a pontoon boat. Now what? Well, you’re going to need some cool accessories before you get out on the Florida waters. Whatever you plan on doing on your pontoon boat, you’ll need some cool gadgets to help you along the way.

Pontoon boats on the water

Boat Safety Accessories

Boat safety should be your number one priority when it comes to purchasing accessories. You want to make sure that your family and friends are practicing boat safety as well.

  • Life Jackets & Floatation Devices
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Flare or Nighttime Signal
  • Air Horn
  • First Aid Kit


Fishing Gear

If you are looking to dock your pontoon boat and fish, then you’ll need to have the proper fishing gear to help you do so. You’ll need to make sure you have a tackle box along with a few fishing poles for people to use if they want to when they’re on your pontoon boat.

Fun in the Water

Tubing, water skiing, and wake boarding are very fun activities for the kids to do while out on the lake on your pontoon boat. Having a tube to take out can be very beneficial, especially if you and your family are looking to have a day on the water.

Essentials that You May Not Think of

Some boating essentials consist of gadgets that you may not have thought would help you out when on the water. A GPS is a very good thing to have when you’re out on the water, as well as waterproof dry bags and backpacks. These can come in handy, especially to keep your phones, wallets, and other valuables stored, so they don’t get wet.

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