Cleaning Your Boat in the Aftermath of a Flood

Hurricanes have, unfortunately, presented big problems for homeowners throughout the state of Florida this year. They have also caused trouble for boat owners who have been forced to deal with flooded boats and all of the many issues that come along with them.

If your boat was flooded by one of the hurricanes that hit Florida in recent months, then you’ll want to know how to clean your boat up and get it safely back out on the water.

Here are some of our tips to help you with your boat recovery.

Take photos of the damage done to your boat for insurance purposes.

If your boat was badly damaged during a flood, you’re going to want to document the damage before you do anything. Your insurance company is going to want to see exactly what happened to your boat, so take a variety of photos from different angles. From the outside of the boat to the engine and everything in between, you will need as many photos as you can get of the water damage.

Clean mold and mildew from your boat as quickly as possible.

In the immediate aftermath of a flood, you will probably notice quite a bit of mold and mildew in and around your boat. That mold and mildew can cause serious health concerns if you don’t kill it right away. Once you take photos of your boat for your insurance company and call them to tell them about the damage, you should make cleaning the mold and mildew a number-one priority. You should also throw out anything on the boat that got wet and cannot be salvaged.

Take your boat to be inspected by the professionals.

Unless you are certified to do work to a boat, you should have a professional take a look at it to assess the inner damage. You may need to repair or replace different parts of the engine. You may also need to have a more thorough cleaning done to your boat.

A company like Triangle Marine Center can see to it that your boat gets repaired and cleaned so that it looks like new when it’s all finished. If your boat has sustained flood damage and you need a second set of eyes, call us at 352-343-6146 so we can check it out.

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