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Cool Boating Accessories for Your Pontoon

Pontoon boats on the water

So, you have a pontoon boat. Now what? Well, you’re going to need some cool accessories before you get out on the Florida waters. Whatever you plan on doing on your pontoon boat, you’ll need some cool gadgets to help you along the way. Boat Safety Accessories Boat safety should be your number one priority… Read more »

Preparing Your Boat for Hurricane Season

boat preperation for hurrican season in central Florida

As hurricanes start to get worse each year, damage to homes and other property can be devastating to us. In Central Florida, hurricanes can still be dangerous because of the strong winds the arise entering the coast. Once a hurricane touches down on land, it tends to get weaker, but for extremely powerful ones, damage… Read more »

Safe Boating Tips This Summer

Safe boating tips for summer

Boating is a great summer activity, but it also can be dangerous if you’re not cautious. You can still have a blast while staying safe on a boat, and we want you to make sure you know these tips on how to stay safe while boating this summer. Life Jackets and Float Devices – It… Read more »

Must Have Accessories for Your Boat

boating accessories needed on boat

Boating is a great summer activity, but it’s always good to know what accessories you must have on board for when you go out into the open waters. There are some things you have to keep on your boat at all times, and there are some things that you should consider leaving on your boat… Read more »

Anchor Your Pontoon with Fellow Pontoon Owners

Anchoring pontoon boats for a party

Instead of cruising the water with your boat this summer, grab other pontoon boat owners and make it a floating party. This is a great way to dock your anchor your boats next to each other, grab snacks, water games, and enjoy the party! How to Successfully Throw a Float Party The number one priority… Read more »

Maintenance Tips for Your Boat

Maintaining your boat regularly

It’s always good to be reminded of tips on maintaining the condition of your boat. You never want to overlook any problems with your boat because when you want to go out for a ride, you may have some issues that will stop you from enjoying the open waters. Here Are Some Things to Check… Read more »

What to Know About the Marina Patrol

Marina Patrol in Florida - Traingle Marine Center

It’s a beautiful summer day out on the lake.  The water is warm and calm, and you are itching to get out on your boat for a nice cruise.  You gather you friends and head to the dock all buzzing with excitement.  But, don’t forget the Marina Patrol.  While they are there to ensure everyone’s… Read more »

Party on the Pontoon

Young adults jumping off pontoon boat

Pontoon Boats are the obvious choice to get the party started out on the water.  With a spacious deck to mingle and dance, your guests won’t feel as cramped out on the water.  If you’re looking for a relaxing time out on the water, or you’re looking to get that party going, these ideas may… Read more »

Boating ATONS

Florida pontoon boating

There are many boating compliance signs that are easy to read and straight forward, such as ‘slow, no wake’, ‘private dock, no trespassing’ or ‘keep out of pond, no swimming, fishing or boating’.  Some of these signs are available to the public for purchase. However, there are also boating signals referred to as Aids to… Read more »

Terminology Every Boater Should Know

Terminology Every Boater Should Know

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran boater or fresh out of boating school, you should be fluent in both the navigation and language of the water. Boaters use specific terms for a reason; it’s the easiest way to communicate among people who enjoy the same niche. This special boating terminology allows boaters to communicate… Read more »

Easy Upgrades to Make on Your Boat

Owning a pontoon or open deck power boat is a wonderful luxury – but newer is always better. What if there was a way to upgrade the value and comfort of your boat without having to buy a newer model? There is! Small additions and improvements to your boat can make a huge difference in… Read more »

Boat In Style On A Pontoon

Pontoon Boat

When looking for water vehicles, we tend to imagine using a traditional boat – one with a smaller motor, cozy deck, a few benches and captain chairs – enough to get you to where you need to go. Yet, that doesn’t have to be the norm. There are other types of affordable and efficient boats… Read more »

How To Choose The Best Pontoon For Your Family

How To Choose The Best Pontoon For Your Family

Boating by pontoon is a very unique and worthwhile experience. A pontoon is a boat of flatter appearance that relies on pontoons to float smoothly along the water. Pontoons are able to support a raft, boat, barge, dock, airboat, hovercraft, floatplane or seaplane. Due to a pontoon’s particularly large deck area, pontoons are great for… Read more »