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Why It’s Important to Clean Your Boat After a Day Out

Man washing boat after taking it out on the water

Some may think it’s a little overkill to clean your boat every single time you take it out, but there’s actually some good benefits to doing so. Waiting to wash your boat every once-in-a-while can be damaging to the exterior condition as well as the function ability of the boat. Here’s why you should wash… Read more »

Cool Boating Accessories for Your Pontoon

Pontoon boats on the water

So, you have a pontoon boat. Now what? Well, you’re going to need some cool accessories before you get out on the Florida waters. Whatever you plan on doing on your pontoon boat, you’ll need some cool gadgets to help you along the way. Boat Safety Accessories Boat safety should be your number one priority… Read more »

Finding The Right Trailer For Your Boat

Finding The Right Trailer For Your Boat

In a market where there are hundreds of the same product with little differences, and knowing these differences will not only save you time but they will also save you headaches. Most of all it will save you money. For all of the newcomers, and even some of the more experienced boat owners, knowing the… Read more »

We Need to Get out Boating

Boating in Florida

It’s May…and many of us around the country have been in quarantine almost two months in some places. The weather is starting to heat up down here in Central Florida. What better way to spend outside than to go boating? For those of us making we’re sure to get outside while practicing social distancing and… Read more »

Triangle Marine Center is Open for Business!

Florida Boating during COVID-19

We are extremely grateful for Governor Ron DeSantis’ “safer at home” order for the state of Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone to stay at home and leave the house only for necessary travel and social distancing activities. We are grateful that we are considered an essential business during this time, which means… Read more »

What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Boat?

cleaning boat on a regular basis

Owning a boat comes with great responsibility. You have to keep up with maintenance and cleaning, or else your wallet may take a beating if you don’t. Triangle Marine Center provides regular boat maintenance for Central Florida boaters. When You Don’t Wash When you choose not to wash and clean your boat after every trip… Read more »

The Benefits of a Road King Boat Trailer

Road King Boat Trailers

Owning a boat is great if you’re an avid boater. Having the right trailer for your boat is even better! The Road King Boat Trailer might be the best fit for your pontoon boat. Road King builds a wide range of high-quality boat trailers for all different types of boats. They have been in the… Read more »

The Top Marine GPS Systems for Your Boat

marine gps systems

Once the weather starts getting warmer and more enjoyable, you’ll be getting your boat ready to take out on the water. It’s a new season, and you’ll be wondering what new gadgets you can get to put on your boat to make the experience much better. Here are some of the top Marine GPS Systems… Read more »

Should I Buy a New or Used Boat?

Inside photo of a new boat

Buying a boat is a big decision to make, and you have so many things to consider when you’re a first-time buyer.  If you already love going out on your friends’ or neighbors’ boats, then buying a boat is more appealing to you. You never want to just jump into a decision, so you’re going… Read more »

Must Have Accessories for Your Boat

boating accessories needed on boat

Boating is a great summer activity, but it’s always good to know what accessories you must have on board for when you go out into the open waters. There are some things you have to keep on your boat at all times, and there are some things that you should consider leaving on your boat… Read more »

Here’s How to Choose the Boat Anchor That’s Right For You

Here’s How to Choose the Boat Anchor That’s Right For You

When purchasing a boat, one of the most consequential facets of that decision is the anchor that you choose to attach. An anchor must fit not only the type of boat you’re looking to buy, but also the conditions you plan to have a boat in. That’s why there are different types of anchors for… Read more »

6 Tips for Picking out the Perfect Boat Trailer

6 Helpful Tips for Picking out the Perfect Boat Trailer

When shopping for that next pontoon or tidewater, we usually only think about what the boat looks like, and how it works in the water. But we often forget that the boat itself spends a fair amount of time on land, connected to a boat trailer. The boat trailer ensures the safety and care of… Read more »

How to Handle a Boat Fire

Boat Fire Safety

Boating fires can be very dangerous which is why it’s important to practice good fire safety on a boat just as you would inside of your home. In the event that a fire does occur on your boat, you should know how to handle it. Here are some of the important things you should do… Read more »

Easy Upgrades to Make on Your Boat

Owning a pontoon or open deck power boat is a wonderful luxury – but newer is always better. What if there was a way to upgrade the value and comfort of your boat without having to buy a newer model? There is! Small additions and improvements to your boat can make a huge difference in… Read more »

Bimini Tops: All You Need to Know

While out on your boat on a nice summer day the sun can become nearly unbearable, leaving you looking for a little reprieve. One option that can offer you a spot to cool down is a Bimini top. Not sure what a Bimini top is? Here is everything you need to know. Bimini tops get… Read more »

Be King of the Road with a Road King Trailer

With your boat, you are already king of the water, but you can become king of the road with a Road King trailer to tote your boat around this summer. Perfect for the boating adventurer who frequently takes their boat from port to port, a Road King trailer offers a wide array of features to… Read more »

Turn Your Pontoon Boat Fun Up To 11!

Pontoon Boat Fun

When we hit the water on our pontoon boats, were looking to have a good time. It’s hard to have a good time though without some music. You may have a radio on it, but that might not cut it for you. So if you find yourself in this situation, then it’s time to upgrade… Read more »

Find Your Next Catch With GPS

Find Your Next Catch With GPS

It’s no secret that fishing takes a lot of patience. This especially holds true when we hit the water looking for the best spot to drop our line. The art of fishing has become easier recently as there have been GPS’s created to help anglers find their next catch. Just make sure you get the… Read more »

Six Tips To Tow Like A Pro

Six Tips To Tow Like A Pro

If your family frequently enjoys watersports, you probably spend most of your days on the water pulling riders. It’s a big responsibility and sometimes experienced drivers become too complacent which will lead to mistakes and unfortunately, carelessness. Here are tips to help you improve your towing and drive more cautiously, like a professional. Communicate with… Read more »

Waterskiing Or Tubing With Your Boat? – Use The Right Rope!

Waterskiing Or Tubing With Your Boat? – Use The Right Rope!

For those of you out there preparing for the summer months, waxing your boats and hitching them to your cars, or scheduling and appointment with the marina to put the boat in the water, it’s time to talk about summer watersports and watersports safety. Enjoying a day out on the water with your friends and… Read more »