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Why It’s Important to Clean Your Boat After a Day Out

Man washing boat after taking it out on the water

Some may think it’s a little overkill to clean your boat every single time you take it out, but there’s actually some good benefits to doing so. Waiting to wash your boat every once-in-a-while can be damaging to the exterior condition as well as the function ability of the boat. Here’s why you should wash… Read more »

Triangle Marine Center is Open for Business!

Florida Boating during COVID-19

We are extremely grateful for Governor Ron DeSantis’ “safer at home” order for the state of Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone to stay at home and leave the house only for necessary travel and social distancing activities. We are grateful that we are considered an essential business during this time, which means… Read more »

The Benefits of a Road King Boat Trailer

Road King Boat Trailers

Owning a boat is great if you’re an avid boater. Having the right trailer for your boat is even better! The Road King Boat Trailer might be the best fit for your pontoon boat. Road King builds a wide range of high-quality boat trailers for all different types of boats. They have been in the… Read more »

The Top Marine GPS Systems for Your Boat

marine gps systems

Once the weather starts getting warmer and more enjoyable, you’ll be getting your boat ready to take out on the water. It’s a new season, and you’ll be wondering what new gadgets you can get to put on your boat to make the experience much better. Here are some of the top Marine GPS Systems… Read more »

Maintenance in the Off-Season

woman on boat in Florida

December is still a great time to go boating in Central Florida, but many boat owners like to slow down and relax during the “winter” months. This is the time for when maintenance is recommended, so that when the boating season is in full swing, you won’t have to deal with any problems with your… Read more »

Boats and Horsepower: How HP Translates to the Water

Boats and Horsepower

When most people hear the word “horsepower,” they associate it with cars and think about how horsepower plays a key role in how fast they can go. In general, the higher the horsepower a car has, the more power it will have and the faster it will be able to drive. Horsepower is something that… Read more »

Four Most Common Outboard Motor Problems

If you love your outboard as much as we love ours, then you always want it running at its best. As with all things mechanical, though, there are always issues that can arise. You are not alone. For every issue that exists, there is a solution to the problem. To aid in your boating ease,… Read more »

Get Parts From A Boat Dealer You Can Trust

Get Parts From A Boat Dealer You Can Trust

There is something that is in the eye of every boater in the world, each carries a specific glimmer that tells of their love for the freedom and mystery of the water but also for the majesty that are their vessels. When asking a boater about their boat, they will tell you not just of… Read more »