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Cool Boating Accessories for Your Pontoon

Pontoon boats on the water

So, you have a pontoon boat. Now what? Well, you’re going to need some cool accessories before you get out on the Florida waters. Whatever you plan on doing on your pontoon boat, you’ll need some cool gadgets to help you along the way. Boat Safety Accessories Boat safety should be your number one priority… Read more »

We Need to Get out Boating

Boating in Florida

It’s May…and many of us around the country have been in quarantine almost two months in some places. The weather is starting to heat up down here in Central Florida. What better way to spend outside than to go boating? For those of us making we’re sure to get outside while practicing social distancing and… Read more »

Triangle Marine Center is Open for Business!

Florida Boating during COVID-19

We are extremely grateful for Governor Ron DeSantis’ “safer at home” order for the state of Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone to stay at home and leave the house only for necessary travel and social distancing activities. We are grateful that we are considered an essential business during this time, which means… Read more »

Preparing Your Boat for Hurricane Season

boat preperation for hurrican season in central Florida

As hurricanes start to get worse each year, damage to homes and other property can be devastating to us. In Central Florida, hurricanes can still be dangerous because of the strong winds the arise entering the coast. Once a hurricane touches down on land, it tends to get weaker, but for extremely powerful ones, damage… Read more »

Should I Buy a New or Used Boat?

Inside photo of a new boat

Buying a boat is a big decision to make, and you have so many things to consider when you’re a first-time buyer.  If you already love going out on your friends’ or neighbors’ boats, then buying a boat is more appealing to you. You never want to just jump into a decision, so you’re going… Read more »

Anchor Your Pontoon with Fellow Pontoon Owners

Anchoring pontoon boats for a party

Instead of cruising the water with your boat this summer, grab other pontoon boat owners and make it a floating party. This is a great way to dock your anchor your boats next to each other, grab snacks, water games, and enjoy the party! How to Successfully Throw a Float Party The number one priority… Read more »

Party on the Pontoon

Young adults jumping off pontoon boat

Pontoon Boats are the obvious choice to get the party started out on the water.  With a spacious deck to mingle and dance, your guests won’t feel as cramped out on the water.  If you’re looking for a relaxing time out on the water, or you’re looking to get that party going, these ideas may… Read more »

Why Choose Bennington Marine Company?

Bennington Pontoon Boats from Triangle Marine Center

Bennington Marine Company was established by Indiana men, Richard (Dick) Strefling, Steve Vogel and Patrick Call as a privately-owned business in 1997.  However, the name came from another company at the time that manufactured wood products and was already called Bennington.  The founders loved this name so much and believed it represented true quality, and… Read more »

Pontoon Boats: A History on the Water

Those of us lucky enough to have spent a lovely afternoon lounging aboard a pontoon boat truly know what heaven feels like. Over the years, pontoons have become synonymous with rest and relaxation on the open water. They are the ideal choice of boat for families and those who just like to take life slowly…. Read more »

Six Advantages of a Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats have been increasing in popularity since their introduction in the 1950s. These boats are attractive to a variety of boaters for a wide variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at six distinctive advantages of owning your own pontoon boat. Comfort Pontoon boats offer a level of comfort not found in many other… Read more »

Boat In Style On A Pontoon

Pontoon Boat

When looking for water vehicles, we tend to imagine using a traditional boat – one with a smaller motor, cozy deck, a few benches and captain chairs – enough to get you to where you need to go. Yet, that doesn’t have to be the norm. There are other types of affordable and efficient boats… Read more »

How To Decide On The Bennington Pontoon Boat For You

How To Decide On The Bennington Pontoon Boat For You

Pontoon boats are becoming increasingly popular in the past few years. They offer a variety of features and are built for almost any water recreation, from lounging to cruising. Because there are so many model and feature options, it can be difficult to choose the pontoon that is right for you. We can show you… Read more »

Not Sure You Want To Buy A Pontoon Boat? Here’s Why You Should!

Not Sure You Want To Buy A Pontoon Boat? Here’s Why You Should!

Are you on the fence about buying a pontoon boat? There are several reasons why they are your best option for boat types. The prices are reasonable, there is plenty of room for family and friends to stretch out and not feel on top of each other. While they are generally the same size, they… Read more »