Why Boating Can Make You a Happier Person

Father and Daughter spending time on their boat together

The summer is approaching, which means it’s time for the whole country to get back out on the water and enjoy some stress-free boating. There can be many benefits when it comes to keeping your sanity, especially with our busy lives. It’s time to go have fun! Spend time with someone Spending time out on… Read more »

Boating ATONS

Florida pontoon boating

There are many boating compliance signs that are easy to read and straight forward, such as ‘slow, no wake’, ‘private dock, no trespassing’ or ‘keep out of pond, no swimming, fishing or boating’.  Some of these signs are available to the public for purchase. However, there are also boating signals referred to as Aids to… Read more »

Why Choose Bennington Marine Company?

Bennington Pontoon Boats from Triangle Marine Center

Bennington Marine Company was established by Indiana men, Richard (Dick) Strefling, Steve Vogel and Patrick Call as a privately-owned business in 1997.  However, the name came from another company at the time that manufactured wood products and was already called Bennington.  The founders loved this name so much and believed it represented true quality, and… Read more »

Why Do People Keep Naming Their Boats

Beautiful Yacht Traveling on Open Water

It’s likely the first thing friends or guests will notice when stepping onto your boat: its name! What’d you name it? Why’d you name it? Most boats are largely identified by the name that they are given. Naming your boat is a long-held tradition, which has created some memorable mentions throughout history but few people… Read more »

How to Safely Swim from a Boat

Family on Luxury Yacht with Dog

You’re out in the ocean, anchored in a tranquil patch of blue, and everyone’s jumping in to cool down. Who wouldn’t want to take a dive in? Before you dive into open water from a boat, it’s incredibly important that you know how to swim safely and responsibly. Here are some tips to keep in… Read more »

Refresh on Boating Safety Tips for Summer Season

Luxury Yachts in Water

Boating season is upon us and many of us are preparing to hit the open water for some old-fashioned nautical fun. As you get your boat ready for the season, don’t forget to refresh on some important safety tips before hitting the water. Clean and Maintenance Your Boat You can still fit in some spring-cleaning… Read more »

Fun Things to do on the Water if you’re a Central Florida Boat Owner

Fun Things to do on the Water if you’re a Central Florida Boat Owner

So you did it– you took the plunge and finally purchased a boat to call your own! Regardless of why you bought it in the first place, you might not realize all the fun perks available to you now that you have one. Check out some of these fun things you can do on the… Read more »

Here’s How to Choose the Boat Anchor That’s Right For You

Here’s How to Choose the Boat Anchor That’s Right For You

When purchasing a boat, one of the most consequential facets of that decision is the anchor that you choose to attach. An anchor must fit not only the type of boat you’re looking to buy, but also the conditions you plan to have a boat in. That’s why there are different types of anchors for… Read more »

6 Tips for Picking out the Perfect Boat Trailer

6 Helpful Tips for Picking out the Perfect Boat Trailer

When shopping for that next pontoon or tidewater, we usually only think about what the boat looks like, and how it works in the water. But we often forget that the boat itself spends a fair amount of time on land, connected to a boat trailer. The boat trailer ensures the safety and care of… Read more »

Terminology Every Boater Should Know

Terminology Every Boater Should Know

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran boater or fresh out of boating school, you should be fluent in both the navigation and language of the water. Boaters use specific terms for a reason; it’s the easiest way to communicate among people who enjoy the same niche. This special boating terminology allows boaters to communicate… Read more »

Must-Have Boating Accessories

Must-Have Boating Accessories

As a navigator of the open water, you bear a huge responsibility to both yourself and your crew. This is why you’ll need to be prepared for any type of situation. Here is a list of boating accessories you should keep on your boat at all times to ensure the safety of your crew. Safety… Read more »

Tips for Practicing Proper Boating Etiquette

Tips for Practicing Proper Boating Etiquette

If you’ve just gotten proper licensing and certification to steer a boat, you’re probably pretty eager to set sail. But remember, you’re sharing the open waters with other enthusiastic boaters, some more experienced than you. Stay ahead of the game by practicing these boating etiquette tips that will guarantee a safe and happy trip for… Read more »

Cleaning Your Boat in the Aftermath of a Flood

Hurricane in the Ocean

Hurricanes have, unfortunately, presented big problems for homeowners throughout the state of Florida this year. They have also caused trouble for boat owners who have been forced to deal with flooded boats and all of the many issues that come along with them. If your boat was flooded by one of the hurricanes that hit… Read more »

Latest Boating Tips from the US Coast Guard

Safe Boating Practices

For a lot of the United States, summer has come to a close. With brisk temperatures, many boaters are docking for the season. If you live in a state with warm fall temperatures, boating season is still in full-swing and it’s important to practice safety. The US Coast Guard recently reminded boaters of some important… Read more »

How to Be a Great Boating Guest

Boating Tips

When you visit someone’s home, most people are very dedicated to being a good guest. Being a good guest means taking off your shoes, saying ‘please,’ using a coaster, and so forth. Being a good guest is how we show respect to the person hosting us. When you’re a guest on someone’s boat, it is… Read more »

Educating Children on Boating

Boating with Children

We know that one of the best ways to spend a Saturday is out on the water with the whole family. If you have young kids that are hitting the open waters with you, there are some important lessons they should learn before they start helping out. Below are some tips on how you can… Read more »

How to Handle a Boat Fire

Boat Fire Safety

Boating fires can be very dangerous which is why it’s important to practice good fire safety on a boat just as you would inside of your home. In the event that a fire does occur on your boat, you should know how to handle it. Here are some of the important things you should do… Read more »

Tips on Boating with Children

Boating Tips

Summer is finally in the air and families are eager to plan family outings on the boat. Boating with children can be a lot of fun, but it’s so important to stay safe and be prepared. Life Jackets Life jackets are an absolute must when it comes to boating safety, for children and adults. If… Read more »