Bimini Tops: All You Need to Know

Bimini Tops While out on your boat on a nice summer day the sun can become nearly unbearable, leaving you looking for a little reprieve. One option that can offer you a spot to cool down is a Bimini top. Not sure what a Bimini top is? Here is everything you need to know.

Bimini tops get their name from the Bahamian Island where they were created, Bimini Island, according to Wise Geek. It’s located near the Tropic of Cancer where the sun is strong and unrelenting most of the year, making for a great reason for someone to create a cover to offer shade and protection from the heat.

Unlike dodgers that cover the entire cockpit of a boat, Bimini tops are very similar to a canopy, featuring fabric on top and open on the sides. Its structure makes it perfect for be placed over the cockpit of a boat, as it will provide shade from the sun all while allowing air to flow through it. The top is held up by a metal frame that supports the top of it which can easily be folded up or down depending on whether you are heading out on the water or coming in for the day. Common on pontoon boats, the Bimini top can be installed on a number of boat styles.

It also comes in a variety of different materials as well including cotton, fabric, vinyl and polyester acrylic, which is the most expensive but most resilient. This is because of polyester acrylic’s durability and resistance to fading over time. They also are available in a spectrum of color options, ranging from shades of tan and grays to shades of reds, blues and greens.

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