Before Storing Your Boat

Before you put your boat away for the season, it’s important to know what to do before you put it in storage. There are some maintenance tips you may need to know before you let it sit in storage for a few months.

Boat in florida watersBattery – remove the battery from the boat and store it in a dry place for the winter season if you’re not planning on using the boat for a few months.

Drain – it’s important to drain your boat of any excess water that may be sitting on the boat. You don’t want any water to be sitting on the boat for several months while not using it.

Gas – a good idea is to top off the tank with gas, add a stabilizer to prevent any buildup, and run the engine for 15 minutes.

Repairs – always check the entire boat in case of any repairs need to be done. If your hull has any damage from the sun, water, wear and tear, or anything else, repair it, so that you don’t have to when you’re ready to take it out for the season. Any other repairs needed should be done before storing the boat. This will be less stressful when the summer rolls around.

Trailer – do a quick check of your boat trailer to make sure all the lights work. Also, make sure there’s no corrosion.

Benefits of Maintenance

The ultimate benefit of checking your boat before storing it for the winter season is that it won’t cause you a headache when you want to take it out for the summer season. Doing a maintenance checkup before will save you money in the future and eliminate any major problems in the next few months.

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