Be King of the Road with a Road King Trailer

With your boat, you are already king of the water, but you can become king of the road with a Road King trailer to tote your boat around this summer.

Perfect for the boating adventurer who frequently takes their boat from port to port, a Road King trailer offers a wide array of features to allow you to explore the nearby lake, river and ocean waters. Here are a few of the top features that make Road King the best there is in towing.

Road King TrailersAluminum Light Brackets & Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tie Downs

When choosing a boating trailer, safety is key. All Road King Trailers feature heavy-duty aluminum hardware for mounting tail lights and to serve as tie-down connections. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion from rust and saltwater, meaning you can count on these components to last through all the surf and spray.

Custom Aluminum Fender Steps

Road King understands the importance of convenience. That’s why their boat trailers have sturdy steps for you to easily load and unload your boat.

Heavy Duty Fender Bracing

The sturdy and strong fenders prevent debris and mud from the road from splashing or hitting your boat. Road King uses the best materials to help keep your boat scratch-free and your fender safely in place.

Vinyl Coated Protective Wire Harness

Any trailer owner knows how much of a pain it can be if your wiring harness gets damaged or shorts from years or use or debris from the road. Road King’s harnesses are protected with a vinyl coating, which makes them more weather resistant and road ready so you can trust your connections to last for years to come.

Brake Line Shielding

You want your trailer so you can take your boat on the go over land, but you need to stop when you get to your destination too. Road King’s brake lines are shielded, meaning that you don’t have to worry about running into problems with your trailer brakes while out on the road. Plus, with DOT rubber used for the lines, corrosion and rust aren’t an issue with the Road King’s brake lines, either.

Built with uncompromising attention to detail, you simply can’t go wrong with a Road King boat trailer. Whether you need a trailer for your pontoon or powerboat, jon boat or sailboat, or any other watercraft, Road King has you covered.

Triangle Marine Center is an authorized dealer for the finest quality boat trailers manufactured by Road King. To learn more about the boat trailers we have to offer, call us at 352-343-6146 or stop in and see us today on Highway 441 in Tavares, Florida.

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