Anchor Your Pontoon with Fellow Pontoon Owners

Instead of cruising the water with your boat this summer, grab other pontoon boat owners and make it a floating party. This is a great way to dock your anchor your boats next to each other, grab snacks, water games, and enjoy the party!

Anchoring pontoon boats for a partyHow to Successfully Throw a Float Party

The number one priority is the safety of every passenger and party attendee. The best way to float with other pontoon boats is cruising out in the waters and anchoring down, but you can also stay docked. You need to make sure everyone is safe and having a good time at all times. Don’t overfill each boat, spread people out on the boats because you can always hop from one boat to another to enjoy everyone’s company.

Food – make sure to prepare your food in advance, so that you don’t have to worry about any of it during the party. A great way to share food is having a potluck where each person or boat is responsible for bringing a dish to pass, so that way everyone gets a little taste of everything.

Activities – make sure to stock up on some water games like frisbees, volleyballs, and other water sporting equipment. This will get everyone out into the water to cool off from the hot sun. You can also bring card games because a pontoon boat is built for relaxation on the water and you boat will be standing still.

Thinking of Spending Your Summer out on a Pontoon?

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