A Pontoon Camping Adventure

Camping is a great activity for the summer. It’s a time to get away and explore the beautiful outdoors. What if you could do two awesome summer activities at once? How about taking a pontoon boat camping adventure? Here are some tips on how to make this happen.

pontoon camping this summerCamping and Boating

If you have a pontoon boat, and you would like to spend more than a day on the boat exploring some amazing lakes and camping, plan a little excursion where you can take the boat out on the water for the day and set up camp on the shore for the night.

Research camping and rules – Make sure to check with local parks with lakes on their rules of camping and docking. Some may not allow for docking overnight, so you’re going to want to find out.

Anchoring – You never want your boat to float away from waves overnight. Make sure to bring an extra anchor along with you and find a small cove where it’s a safe place to anchor down.

Weather conditions – Before you even start planning, the first thing you want to look at is the weather forecast. It’s never fun to camp in the rain, especially in tents, but it’s even worse if you’re boating too. Check out the weather a week in advance and keep checking on it everyday up until you set off.

Canopy for pontoon – Instead of camping in a tent offshore, you can invest in a canopy for your pontoon, which would act as your tent. Then, you can lay down your sleeping bags and sleeping mats to enjoy in case there is a random rainstorm. Check out some pontoon canopies!

Cooking – A good idea is to prepare meals before you set out for the day/night. If you’re spending more time than that, then you can bring a grill that attaches to the pontoon’s outer rails. These are great for camping. Bring a big cooler, so you can keep food cold, and make sure to bring a plethora of water because it can get very hot out there.

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