6 Tips for Picking out the Perfect Boat Trailer

When shopping for that next pontoon or tidewater, we usually only think about what the boat looks like, and how it works in the water. But we often forget that the boat itself spends a fair amount of time on land, connected to a boat trailer.

The boat trailer ensures the safety and care of our boats, which is why picking out the perfect one is incredibly important. To get you started, we’ve compiled a few tips.

Choose the Right Size

The trailer, of course, is meant to carry your boat, so the boat’s size determines what type of trailer you’ll be buying. We recommend totaling up the boat and your engine’s weight, to help determine what’s best. Cheaper and requiring less maintenance, single-axle trailers are great for smaller pontoons or tidewaters, or for boat owners who don’t travel much with boats on their car’s back. Otherwise, size up.

Use Less Energy

Keep in mind that the lights on a trailer are connected to your car’s battery, so the more efficient, the better. LED lights usually do the job, and are waterproof, which is perfect for loading or unloading a boat. They will also last you a little longer.

Go Radial

Boating Magazine makes the case that radial tires are better than bias-ply tires, because they transmit less sidewall flex, and have a larger footprint. What does that mean for you? It means less of a chance of your trailer slipping on the road.

Get Framed

Again, this comes down to size—heavier boats need a stronger frame, so galvanized steel should do the job. For boats in freshwater, painted-steel will do just fine. But for a less corrosive, more appealing, lighter alternative, aluminum steel is the perfect fit. That’s also the frame of choice for all Road King Trailers.

Take a Brake

Unless diving into saltwater, we recommend the use of electric brakes for easy, reliable towing. And for safety purposes, make sure brakes are installed on all axles.

Bunk Up

Less costly and maintenance-heavy than rollers, bunks are an easy way to load and unload your pontoon or tidewater when you’re ready to hit the water. You can add in glides to get the ball rolling even faster.

Don’t forget to check out Triangle Marine Center for all of your boat trailer needs and questions. We are a supplier of Road King Trailers, as well as other reliable boating accessories. We’re here to get you moving out on the water, so call us today!

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