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Refresh on Boating Safety Tips for Summer Season

Refresh on Boating Safety Tips for Summer Season

Boating season is upon us and many of us are preparing to hit the open water for some old-fashioned nautical fun.

As you get your boat ready for the season, don’t forget to refresh on some important safety tips before hitting the water.

Clean and Maintenance Your Boat

You can still fit in some spring-cleaning before the season is officially upon us. Don’t forget to perform some routine cleaning and maintenance on your boat before heading out on the water.

Be sure to check your boat for any punctures or holes which often surface after storage. Change the oil, look at the filters and belts, test the engine, and be sure your boat is full on necessary fluids. Don’t forget to see if your navigation lights are in working order as well.

Watch the Weather

The excitement of bringing your boat back out daily probably has you eager to hit the water. Remember, however, the importance of checking the weather before you head out.

Check weather conditions for your departure, arrival, and during the times you’d be out on the water. Dress for the weather and bring any necessary safety equipment should waters get rough. Take cover at any signs of a storm, such as darkening clouds or rough winds. Navigating through a storm on the water is both difficult and dangerous.

Maintain Safety and Flotation Devices

Staying safe on the water means actively using safety and flotation devices. Encourage all passengers to use seat belts while the boat is moving. Remember to check all other safety and emergency equipment on a regular basis such as fire extinguishers and emergency flares.

Make sure each person on the boat has a life jacket that fits them. If you are using jackets from last season, check the material and straps to make sure they are in good condition.

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