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Latest Boating Tips from the US Coast Guard

Latest Boating Tips from the US Coast Guard

For a lot of the United States, summer has come to a close. With brisk temperatures, many boaters are docking for the season.

If you live in a state with warm fall temperatures, boating season is still in full-swing and it’s important to practice safety.

The US Coast Guard recently reminded boaters of some important safety tips to practice safety on the water all year round.

Never Boat Under the Influence

The same rules that apply to driving a car on land apply to driving a boat on the water: never boat under the influence. If you’re planning on having a few beers out on the boat, make sure there’s a designated driver with a boating license aboard who can get everyone home safely. Boating accidents are just as serious as car accidents, especially when alcohol is involved.

Have a Float Plan

Share your boating itinerary with a friend or family member who isn’t joining you on the water; if something unexpected happens, someone will know where you are and what time you should be returning. Leaving this information with someone can help to keep you and yours passengers safe, and prevent a bad situation from becoming worse: your trusted float plan advisor will be able to notify the authorities if they suspect something is amiss.

Double Check Your Radio

As the busy season dies down, you’ll be less likely to run into fellow boaters on the water: that means if you are stranded or run out of gas, it could be hours before someone passes you. Make sure to test your radios regularly and have them fixed right away if you suspect something is broken. Don’t go out on the water without a fully functional radio. You should also bring your mobile phone in the event that you can manage to get reception.

Weather Watch

Keep an eye on the weather, and remember that it’s starting to cool off across much of the country. Pack for your trips accordingly and consider what the wind chill might be on the water. Remember that Florida is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes in early fall months: never go out on the water without checking the forecast first.

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